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My Approach To Coaching

What is Coaching?

The principle behind coaching is that we all have the resources within ourselves to achieve whatever we want in our life. However, sometimes, we don’t know how to tap into our own knowledge and understanding of what is right for our own life as it changes and evolves. I can help you to see who you are now and where you want to be and how you plan to get there. The past is only relevant in how it affects your path forward.

Up to now, about 6 months after our sessions finished, I still recall what we have done and talked about during the sessions now and then. And every time I thought of those, I can’t stop saying to myself “what a great journey I have had with my coach, I have never been so strong and free in my life”

Freida Lin, Training Consultant, Taiwan

Why do I need Coaching?

Loss of normal is when you feel like your box of tools that you use to handle life is empty, even though some of them are still working. Finding normal again when everything looks like you have moved into a parallel universe is about reviewing your toolbox, throwing old ones out that don’t work, upgrading a few and buying some new ones that align with your path. It’s about recovery of life as you know it – and yet, better than you thought it could be. Imagine redefining normal from the inside out, with your voice and in your way. Imagine moving forward in a way that promotes independence, growth, empowerment and responsibility. Imagine trust that there is a process in life set up to take care of your every need – and you are in charge of that process. If you feel like your toolbox is empty then coaching may be for you.

Elizabeth can read between the lines and ask the right questions at the right times. She is capable of revealing the hidden reasons of our inconsistencies between what we say we want to do and we what we do…”

Mariana Florea, Accountant, Belgium

What happens in our Coaching session?

In my experience, I really hated being told what to do. I had already lost control of my life and I didn’t want to lose anymore control. I needed to know that I had choice and I wanted to exercise my right to choose even more than I had ever done before. So in ETC I make sure that you have control. You get to choose.

I can help you identify your problem, show you options and help you to work with your intuition so you choose what is right for your own life. You will be exploring all the tools available to you, your thought patterns, your limiting beliefs, your strengths, passions, framework and you will be creating your own guidance system for your own life. You will determine how many sessions you have and how often you have them and what you want to achieve out of your life at that moment. I will work alongside you, offering support, encouragement and challenging assumptions where necessary. I will challenge your view of life, ask difficult questions and help you to find your own answers to your own problems.

You will decide what you want to feel, say, think and you will decide how dynamic your want your life and path to be. I can support you to find the path that is right for you and no one else. I also provide an atmosphere which does not judge, is supportive, understanding and safe.

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