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Speaking engagements

Speaking at the Open Leadership Programme in Belfast
Open Leadership Programme in Belfast

My family has always been known for enjoying talking….maybe that is our northern blood. So imagine my great joy that I can incorporate that skill into my work too!

Seriously, I believe that with every talk I do I may be able to make one other person’s life in difficult times slightly easier, either by having someone who helps them understand their situation better or help their family handle the roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes individuals themselves identify parts of my experience that resonate with them.

My experiences, my work and my book have given me the opportunity to talk at a variety of conferences and institutes on the topics of grief, life change and 11th September 2001.

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Some recent engagements include:

Malaysian Airlines, Annual Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia June 2011
To speak to the airline’s caregivers and volunteers who work for the company’s Emergency Response teams on my experience of being helped by the Family Liaison Team of The Metropolitan Police post 11th September.

Scandinavian Airlines, Annual Conference, Copenhagen and Stockholm, May 2011
An annual seminar for all staff involved in the Emergency Response section of the airline’s organisation. The talk focused on the lessons learnt between a survivor and a care giver and what lessons can be learnt going forward to professionals working in this arena.

The Hoxton Apprentice Professional Women's Network, May 2011
The Director of the Hoxton Apprentice, Lady Valerie Corbett, invited me to talk to the network. The Hoxton Apprentice is a restaurant which gives on-the-job, paid, training to long-term unemployed to enable them to get skills and therefore land and keep permanent jobs. It works with ex-army, ex-offenders, single parents, homeless and other disadvantaged people

The Metropolitan Police. Annual Family Liaison Officer Training Conference, February and March 2011
The talk was given to all the FLO’s in the Met and focused on the learning from the relationship between my FLO and myself during and after the events of 9/11

An Open Leadership Programme in Belfast, May 2010 and February 2011
The programme helps business leaders maximize the potential of themselves and others that they work with in business. www.gototheloop.co.uk/articles.php?article=elizabeth-turner

The American Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London, January 2011
For this event I was speaking to the Consular Section who assist U.S. citizens abroad, providing support for citizens who are victims of crime or any crisis, be it natural disaster, political unrest , terrorist attack, or a mass casualty incident.

A USA Charity conference at the Barbican in London, October 2010. 
The conference was hosted by the Family Assistance Foundation for 250 delegates. The aim was to help care teams in different organizations such as airlines and cruise ships best support individuals caught up in traumatic events. www.fafonline.org

The Forgiveness Project 
I am a member of the Forgiveness Project which uses speakers and mentors, nationally and internationally, to talk about their journeys in finding forgiveness. My story is on their website with a video story included. theforgivenessproject.com/stories/elizabeth-turner/

The Saracens Rugby Club’s Life Training Programme representing “The Forgiveness Project, September 2010. 
The talk was to the players and the support teams to focus their thoughts on how it is possible to work through life’s challenges.

“...I was in the group with Elizabeth who is the lady who spoke about her life story/experiences from when her husband died on September 11th! Without going in to detail I felt a connection with her story, process and views and I am know this will have a positive outcome on me moving forward as a person and dealing with some past issues that I have not yet dealt with properly...”

“...Thank you to Avy, Rosalyn and Elizabeth from The Forgiveness Project for taking the time to visit us and share their story with our people. It was truly humbling to hear their experiences and listen to their inner strength and something we will all, as players and as staff, remember this season, and during those that follow....” Brendan Venter; Saracens Director of Rugby

“...At Saracens we believe that we can positively influence the inner character of our players.
We also aim to nurture well rounded people, who are not solely defined by their rugby career. In that light, The Forgiveness Project helped us to greatly impact our players, and our staff, with three powerful, humbling and inspiring stories from three amazing people. We felt fortunate to have them as our guests and their stories will live long in our memories. Thank you.” David Priestley; Performance Manager

McMillan Cancer Trust – Kent, Annual, March 2010.
This was the Kent branch’s annual fundraising event for 150 guests.

The “Inspirational People” Business Breakfast hosted by Archer Mathieson, January 2010.
The event was run for HR Directors and looked at the effects of change through personal, professional and business experiences and how they affect us.

Court & Spark Consulting’s annual event, November 2009.
An event held at Waterstones, Piccadilly by the Retail Specialist Search Company