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Press coverage for The Blue Skies of Autumn

The Blue Skies of Autumn was published in September 2009, reprinted in 2010 and it is being republished with a new chapter in September 2011. The book has been sold across the Commonwealth and it was published in Holland in early summer 2010.

Reviews and comments for The Blue Skies of Autumn

This article appeared in the Family section of the Guardian on Saturday 29 August 2009

"Raising our 9/11 baby" by Joanna Moorhead

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Following The Sunday Times extracts that were the lead press articles on publication of the book, The Times also reviewed the book in November 2009.

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Sunday Times Recommends Nov 21, 2009
By David Pike

Elizabeth Turner, two years married, seven months pregnant, went to work in London on September 11 2001

She saw on television the collapse of the Twin Towers, and knew her husband was at a meeting on the top floor of one tower. She never saw him again. This is her utterly courageous, soul-shaking, unflinchingly honest account of what the event did to her: of her descent into the Valley of the Shadow and, finally, her emergence from it. Readers will seldom encounter a more moving, ultimately inspiring personal Odyssey than this one.

The Book has had 23 reviews on Amazon and received 22 five star ratings. Some of the reviews are below

You can see all Amazon reader reviews here

I read a small episode of this book in a popular magazine and this prompted me to buy the book. I find human nature fascinating and in particular the way we deal with the sometimes horrific things that life throws at us. This is a book full of honesty, courage, sometimes despair, enduring hope and most importantly pure love. It reveals the incredible strength of human nature and one woman's quest to come to terms with her devastating loss.
A.Dewhurst (16th September 2009)

What an amazing book! The story of Elizabeth's huge tragedy and how she coped with it and ultimately lives in contentment is hugely educative and inspirational. Congratulations on your incredible achievements: not just dealing with the loss of your husband and bringing up your son but also in writing this wonderful book about it. What a legacy for your son!
Andrew (25th August 2009)

An article was written about the story behind BSOA in the South African YOU magazine in their February 2010 issue.

Internet blogs linked to the articles in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Mail and The Telegraph following the press coverage of the publication of the book were also full of reviews. Some are included below:

Could not put it down..
A beautifully written book telling the story of the author's grief and recovery after losing her husband in 9/11.

I couldn't put the book down as she recounts the days and weeks that followed the tragedy; as she learns how to live again and build her new life.

It is an inspirational story - proof that we all have choices over how we deal with each situation and that there is hope even in our darkest hours.

The Blue Skies of Autumn
This is an amazing book. The author is extremely honest in her description of how she felt after the death of her husband and the birth of their son and shows through the course of the book how one can find hope even in the darkest of situations. I thought that she was extremely brave to open her heart and mind in this way. It is an inspirational story for those of us who have (touch wood) not had to suffer in the same way but at the same time offers help and guidance and support to people finding their way through the fog of grief. It will remain on my bookshelves to be dipped into whenever the need arises!

Honest and moving
I really enjoyed this book, despite the fact that it is not the sort of thing I would normally choose to read. Elizabeth's style is deeply honest, sometimes painfully so, and you can begin to get a feeling of what it must have been like to be in her position after this tragedy. The book doesn't dwell on the politics, 'reasons' or blame behind the attacks, to the extent that the starting point could almost be any loss of a loved one through unexpected tragedy, be that car crash, disappearance, sudden heart attack - whatever. It has the Ronseal treatment - it does exactly what it says on the cover - describing the journey through grief, and how with the right support, time and mindset, however difficult, you can get through it and there is always something worth living for. Recommended

The following is an email from the organizer of the Widows charity for Ireland.

Dear Elizabeth
Just heard you on the RTE1 radio show and wanted to say I was impressed. We’ve just started a book section last week on our web site and your book is under the ‘Written by Widow’ section. Your review is on the blog www.widow.ie/blog. I know of a girl who was widowed while pregnant and she read your book, she’s after doing Reiki now and is staying with it. She was inspired by your book
Colette Byrne

The Merry Widow website run by Katie Boyle doesn’t recommend books but The Blue Skies Of Autumn has been a topic of conversation on the websites forum and has been recommended as a “must” book to read.

Being a young widow myself, I found it really helpful and reassuring to read about someone who has survived what I am going through and has come out the other end in one piece. It's not just a book about survival though; it's so much more than that. Turner is an incredibly brave and strong individual who has found it in her to turn the horrendous situation in which she found herself after her husband died, into the most positive thing of her whole life. Focused less on the politics surrounding 9/11 and more on how Turner coped with her grief, the book is easy to read and a valuable guide to anyone who is grieving a partner.

Sazzle (18th December 2009)