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The Blue Skies of Autumn

The Blue Skies of Autumn

It was either run a marathon or write a book and anyone that knows me would accept that my only option was to write a book. The Blue Skies of Autumn is the book that I always promised myself that I would write.

I haven’t always wanted to write a book either. I made that promise when my life hit a big full stop. The day that my world changed and my perspective on life changed.

The Blue Skies of Autumn is written in memory of my husband Simon. I wanted to do something that replicated the impact his death had had on me and now I feel that I have achieved that on his behalf. I also wanted to write an account of the experience in my words for my son, William, to read. I felt that William of all people deserved to hear my side of the story and not the version from the world’s press. Finally, I wanted to write about the lessons that I had learnt from my journey through grief. I learnt a lot and I thought that anyone in the future who found themselves in a life changing experience may find some comfort or some wise words, or some leads that may help them find their own way through their experience.

Whichever way I looked at the blank sheet of paper in front of me, I knew the book had to be written and I knew that life was too short not to do it.

Recent comments about The Blue Skies of Autumn

"An utterly courageous, soul shaking, unflinchingly honest account of what the event did to the author: of her descent into the Valley of the Shadow and, finally, her emergence from it. Readers will seldom encounter a more moving , ultimately inspiring personal Odyssey than this one"Sunday time review of the Blue skies of autumn
Sunday Times

Elizabeth Turner is remarkable. Rather than, very naturally breaking under the grief and responsibility she was forced to carry, she decided to embrace life. Instead of sinking into despair she chose joy which is inspirational"
John McCarthy

"This is a story of great and powerful love - between a woman and a man, a husband and a wife, a child, and all those who in the face of extreme tragedy, wrap their arms tightly arround us and never let go"
Gill Hicks MBE

"The most amazingly moving, poignant and inspirational book, I was gripped from start to finish."
Sophie Kinsella


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